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Building your online Reputation

The etymology of the word “reputation” refers to the valuation and the esteem in which he is held by others (Treccani). Very often we tend to distinguish the consideration that others have of us in real life and the consideration that we develop online through the multitude of channels available to us. This division, in 2016, it isn’t longer possible. In fact, the reputation online and offline can no longer stand out as the real and digital life come together despite being born of different habits and impressions. Each of us now has a digital life, more or less intense, and the entrance in each social channel should induce the user to share content that give shape to his image. Whether you like it or not, we are always running around with cell phone and Facebook open, with Instagram to share moments of our lives, so why fill their pages of evenings a little tipsy or phrases that you should not say? You will have an easy time finding a job if the majority of companies use social as recruitment methods? Your CV must be built over time through the online reputation, sharing interesting content, even personal, but that give way for anyone to know you in the best way.

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Gianluca Monaco
Laureato in Economia con una tesi in Marketing, continuo a studiare Economia del Turismo e nel frattempo a 22 anni ho fondato 3M LAB insieme ad Antonio Monaco. La passione per il web, il design e il digitale mi hanno portato a studiare strategie di marketing digitale, prima per piccoli progetti e solo in seguito anche per medie imprese.

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